TRANSPISAN provides lasting freshness.
For up to 5 days.

TRANSPISAN is an excellent protection for everybody who is affected by hyperhidrosis or suffering from excessive sweating. With TRANSPISAN you are able to control perspiration in a natural way and prevent unpleasant body odour, no matter if you are under stress, physically active, on vacation or in everyday life. TRANSPISAN can be used all over your body: under your armpits, on your hands or feet ā€“ depending on which body region has an increased need for it.

Antiperspirant up to 5 days

LastsĀ up to 5 days

TRANSPISAN protects you effectively from the troubles of exaggerated sweating. And it does so for an extra long time. OneĀ application gives you freedom, security and confidence for up to 5 days! TRANSPISAN is odour-free and has been tested by DERMATEST for skin-friendliness.

Antitranspirant geruchsneutral

Goes with your favoriteĀ scent

You don’t want to do without your favourite perfume? You don’t have to. Since TRANSPISAN is unscented you can freely combine it with your favourite antiperspirant, deodorant or with the perfume you love.

Antitranspirant Rollon


Our TRANSPISAN Roll-On is perfect if you don’t want to use the product on your entire body but only on certain areas of your skin. That way TRANSPISAN protects you reliably where you need it most. Simply apply at night before going to bed and rinse with clear water in the morning.

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