TRANSPISAN cools your body

Sweating is a completely natural process. By producing sweat, your body regulates its natural heat balance. If we would not be able to sweat, our bodies would soon overheat.

Five easy tips to better control sweat

Everybody sweats to a different degree, and also that is completely normal. A lot of people that sweat excessively however, are very disturbed by their perspiration – for themselves, and for others. So what can you do about it? In addition to the use of highly effective antiperspirants like TRANSPISAN that minimize the activity of the sweat glands, you can do other things to influence the sweat production of your body.

Sauna and Sports

Sweating even more? Yes! Regular visits to the sauna as well as sportive activities help your body to better regulate sweat production. When sweating regularly you can efficiently avoid sudden outbreaks of sweat.

Cotton and Linen

Synthetic fabrics are usually less breathable than organic ones. Moisture cannot easily pass through them from our skin to the air. Instead, we recommend you to wear clothes that are made of wool, linen or silk. These natural materials provide a better air circulation.

Fruit, Vegetables and Sage Tea

You should avoid eating hot and spicy food because that could lead to an additional heating up of your body. Eat fruits and vegetables instead. Those health all-rounders also help you with your natural sweat regulation. If you drink tea that is made of sage leaves for a period of two weeks you can also see a sweat reducing effect.

Apple Juice with Sparkling Mineral Water and Mineral Water, pure

If you sweat a lot you also loose important minerals which have to be replenished. Supply your organism with those minerals by drinking mineral water or apple juice mixed with sparkling mineral water.

Alcohol, Coffee and Cigarettes

You may have guessed: These three do not help the sweat regulation at all. That’s why you should either avoid them altogether or at least reduce their consumption to an absolute minimum.