Apply before going to bed.

Apply TRANSPISAN in the evening before going to bed. A modest application is perfectly sufficient. TRANSPISAN sinks into the pores over night and unfolds its regulating effect right there. Simply wash your skin with clear water in the morning and you’re set to go. Not only will the freshness get you through the day but it will also last for up to 5 days without re-application.

Does not stain your clothes.

Since you remove TRANSPISAN in the morning by washing your skin, TRANSPISAN never gets in contact with your clothes. Therefore you do not have to worry about discoloration or stains.

Unisex – for men and women.

TRANSPISAN is an odor-free antiperspirant which can be worn by men and women alike. You can even use it in combination with your favorite deodorant or eau de toilette so you do not have to forsake the scent you love.

For work, sports and leisure.

TRANSPISAN offers a perfect protection against sweat and unpleasant body odour for everybody suffering from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. You can use TRANSPISAN …

  • … in everyday life, at work or while training,
  • … while doing outdoor activities, in the gym, dancing or at the tanning salon,
  • … while traveling, especially in tropical climate zones,
  • … before demanding situations like presentations, exams or job interviews.
Antitranspirant Rollon


Our TRANSPISAN Roll-On is perfect if you don’t want to use the product on your entire body but only on certain areas of your skin. That way TRANSPISAN protects you reliably where you need it most. Simply apply at night before going to bed and rinse with clear water in the morning.

More about the Roll-On …